Oi Va Voi

Formatie brengt video uit over Vanished World – Lockdown.
Vorige week bracht Oi Va Voi een video uit die ze gemaakt hebben over Vanished World. Die maakten ze samen op verschillende plekken in Europa.
Oi Va Voi geeft het volgende commentaar bij deze bijzondere nieuwe video:
“Like everyone else, when the lockdown started we felt isolated and took some time to understand the new limitations on our personal lives and also as a band. We started seeing some really great videos of bands finding ways to play together using remote recording. We all knew that the song we should record was Vanished World as it we could literally feel the old world vanishing in real time. There were many issues to be overcome in the making of the video, some were technical – not everyone had good recording equipment… the clarinet and trumpet recorded on their phones! – some issues were too do with just finding the time and space in homes with screaming children.”
“We recorded this video in London, Brighton, Athens and Tel Aviv.” @V2 Benelux